A Whitewater guide to the rivers of chile

Rios Queupude & Alpehue

The Queupude along with adjacent river the Alpehue both flow off Northern side of Volcan Solipulli and along with Rio Truful-Truful eventually merge into the AllĂ­pen. In early January 1995 I drove up this drainage with John Foss, Clay Wright and Josh Lowry. What we found was a pair of the strangest kayak runs imaginable […]

Rio Truful Truful

Flowing off the southern side of Volcan Llaima (3125 m) is one of the best class 3 runs in Chile. The crystal clear waters cascade through lava fields at a breakneck pace while the surrouning snow peaks are fringed with Aruacaria trees making for an exciting and beautiful trip. The river name is derived from […]

Rio Quepe

How to describe the the Rio Quepe is a paradox. One description is terrifying class 3 but because of the committing nature and one 5+ canyon I would say it is better described as class four difficulty with long portage. The source of the river is a high lake on the western flank of Volcan […]