A Whitewater guide to the rivers of chile

Rio Mañio

This river also called the Rio Nalcalhue (and in its lower sections the Zahuil or Huanehue) is only boatable after extremely heavy rains or during winter high water season. The river is born in the Cordillera de Quinchilca whose largest peak (Cerro Colohue) is 1632 meters above sea level. The river flows from East to […]

Rio Reca

A class 3-4 winter creek run in Chile’s 14th Region de Los Rios..During the winter months when everything else is too high there is a good chance the Rio Reca will be running. The river flows into the North east side of Pangapuilli lake. After getting turned away from another river due to high water […]

Rio Llancahue (Lower)

Jared Seiler dropping the “Suavemente” aka “Purty Thirty” at the start of the Lower section. The Rio Llancahue located on the southeastern slope of Volcan Villarica is reached via Conaripe.  It is roughly an hour and a half drive from Pucon. It is easily found by following signs to the famous hot springs “Termas Geometricas”. […]

Rio Pilmaiquen

Big volume, warm water playboating in Southern Chile. Draining Lago Puyehuehue, the river forms the boundary between the 14th Region de los Rios and the 9th Region de los Lagos. Easy logistics and a nearby town make for a fun day of boating. Hike in to Pilmaiquen From Ruta 5 take the Osorno exit and […]

Rio Iculpe

A new classic flowing off the northern flanks of the Puyehue Volcano (2240 meters) in Chile’s Region de Los Rios. The river feeds into southern shore of Lago Ranco. Fields Marshall below first drop This small volume creek has easy access and requires little water to make it runnable. The volcanic riverbed provides for multiple […]

Rio Hueinahue

The Hueinahue makes a bold statement 7.5 KM before it enters Lago Mahuie. Here the river tumbles over a spectacular bedrock falls before joining the Rio Remahue and flowing into the lake. The Rio Remahue (which contains about two thirds of the combined flow) makes an even bolder statement plunging over 200 meters just above […]

Rio Caunehue

A short burst of paddling in the Futrono Zone. Best during highwater springtime run off or after periods of sustained rain. Caunehue whitewater This short class IV+ stretch is on the northern shore of Lago Ranco just east of the town of Futrono in Chile’s recently created Region XIV aptly called Region de Los Rios. […]

Río Fuy (Lower)

Flowing warm and transparent out of Lago Pirehueico deep in the heart of Chile’s Lake District, the Fuy’s astonishing clarity is a sight to behold. With a dense canopy of coihue trees overhanging its banks, the river has an exotic, even ethereal, Gondwanaland feel to it. Michael Shields crashing thru the wavetrain below Puente Huilo-Huilo […]

Rio Enco

Like the beads of a lapis lazuli necklace, Lagos Riñihue, Panguipulli, Neltume and Pirehuico are linked together by the Rios San Pedro, Enco, Neltume, and Fuy. For beginning kayakers, the Enco is a good place to practice the basics of ferry angles, eddy turns, bracing, and rolling, with little manuevering required in the wide-open rapids. […]

Florin River

The Florin is a seldom run, low volume creek in Lago Ranco region known for its stout falls. It is reached by driving up the Florin from town of Futrono. Some slightly ghetto hot springs add to the attraction. Fotos best describe the run.. Other nearby rivers include the Curringue, Gol Gol, San Pedro, Rininahue […]

Rio San Pedro

The Rio San Pedro (SP) is one of Chile’s premier play kayak/rafting runs through and which descends through a spectacular, yet threatened, river corridor. Draining a series of five major lakes the SP has guaranteed year round flows and relatively warm water. The fifth and final lake in the chain is called Riñihue and it […]

Rio Llizan

The Rio Llizán tumbles of the Southern Flank of Volcan Quetrupillan (2009 meters). The run has two distinct sections each of which packs action and potential dangers. Unfortunately it is difficult to have proper water level to run both sections at same time. The upper 6 KM run is best run in late December through […]

Rio Curringue

It was not until December of 2004 that this classic river was discovered. Robbie Dastin, Pucon resident and Pioneer of numerous Chilean first descents found the river and did the first D with Russel Kelly and Mateo Wilson. The water source is Cerro Encanto (1890 meters) and other lower peaks forming the border with Argentina. […]

Rio Llancahue (upper)

Flowing off both the southern flanks of Volcan Villarica (2840 meters) and Volcan Quetrupillan (2360 meters) is the Rio Llancahue. The river is directly south of the town of Pucon on the opposite side of the volcano. Pronounced Yan-Cow-Weh the river derives its name from Mapudungo or the local Mapuche dialect. the meaning is “place […]

Rio Reyehueco

Flowing off the Southern flanks of Volcan Quetrupillan (2009 mters above sea level) and within a two hour drive of Pucon is the little known Rio Reyehueco. The river lies 21 km to the east of Coñaripe on the road to Liquiñe. It is strategically located midway between the Llancahue and Lizan Rivers. Kurt casey […]

Rio Fuy

Learn about the River Fuy in Chile with this Article