A Whitewater guide to the rivers of chile

Rio Volcán (Lower)

The lower Volcán is a much easier version of the upper run. Although this turbid river maintains its steep, continuous gradient, the rapids lack the intensity of those upstream. The best drops, located near the take-out, never get more difficult than class IV. Refer to the directions of the upper Maipo to get in the […]

Río Volcán (Upper)

The upper Volcán is a cold, raging, silty flush plummeting out of the high Andes.  Tight and pushy, its churning waters feature some of the most continuous action in Chile. Emplaced from landslides, the rapids seem to be in perpetual flux in a riverbed strewn with rocks that can be heard rockin’ and rollin’ along […]

Rio Clarillo

The Río Clarillo is a high-quality springtime creek run in the Santiago area. The beauty of the Clarillo (like its name implies) is its crystal clear waters tumbling unimpeded over granite boulders. Unlike the other runs in the Santiago area, the Clarillo has clear water without a dam upstream. A typical drop on the Clarillo […]

Río Colorado

I have trouble recommending the Río Colorado. On one hand it is one of the closest rivers to Santiago with an almost guaranteed strong water flow, paved roadside access and solid class IV rapids but on the other hand it is dangerous with very dark silt-laden water. If you plan to run the river my […]

Rio Maipo

This is the training ground for Santiago’s kayaking community. Most Chilean kayakers get their start on the Maipo. Only an hour from the city with year round flows, a viable rafting community, plenty of places to stay/eat, and relatively easy paved roadside access, the Maipo is a favorite among locals and a good start for […]

Rio Yeso

The Yeso is an class 4+/5- creek run in the headwaters of the Maipo Valley. The source of the river are the high peaks on the Argentinian border near the Termas del Plomo. The highest peak is Cerro Marmolejo at 6108 meters. The run is only 3 KM long but with easy logisitcs and is […]