Río Amargo

10 Nov

This springtime gem is full on micro kayaking…Bring a good crew, bring you’re A game and expect to spend a long day scouting and setting safety. A full face mask and body armor are highly recommended. After finishing the first … Read More »

Río Cholguan

10 Nov

This Winter/Spring run flows of the peaks of Cordon Infiernillo (1972 meters) , Blanquillo (1780 meters) and Cordon Cholguan (2148 meters) and forms the border between Provincia Bio Bio and Ñuble both of which are in Chile´s 8th Region. Cholguan … Read More »

Rio Lolco

31 Dec

An isolated tributary of the Upper Bio Bio watershed flowing of the Northside of both Volcan Longquimay and Volcan Tolhuaca. In local Mapadungun language Lolco means Earth Water…. With a flow of around 500 CFS at takeout the Lolco provides … Read More »

Futaleufu RiverKeeper

18 Mar

Recently, the past October 2014 there has been some good news in regards to stopping the hydro projects for the Futaleufu River in Chile.    Here is a link to the waterkeeper announcement :  In short the hydro projects are now temporarily on hold. … Read More »

Rio Huichahue

2 Jun

When the winter rains hit Chile there are a ton of rivers to kayak that are dry in the summer months…One of these is the Huichahue Ben May Rio Huichahue Located in the 9th region of the Araucania, the river … Read More »

Rio Noroeste

6 Mar

Short steep tributary creek of the Rio Espolon just outside of the town of Futalueufu. Flowing out of Lago Rosas the river plunges through a short but formidable canyon. Also known locally as Arroyo Loco or “crazy creek” the run … Read More »

Rio Hielo

6 Mar

Crystal clear water in a very impressive canyon.. This class 4 stretch of water lies just over the Argentinian border in province of Chubut and is a tributary of the Corcovado (Upper Palena). Run is usually boat-able throughout the summer. … Read More »