Rio Chalquilvin

22 Oct

Very similar in character to the nearby Río Ralco, the Chalquilvin is the Lomín’s other major tributary. Its sustained gradient creates many boat-scoutable, pool-drop rapids in a tight, shallow gorge. Unfortunately, when the bridge collapsed over the Lomín, easy access to the Chaquilvin was lost. Now only die-hard boat hikers or horses make the journey to the put-in. If you make the effort, you will be rewarded with an excellent class IV run in a beautiful setting.
Refer to the Ralco description to find the take-out elevation 670 meters. From the collapsed bridge now serving as a ferry crossing, walk or hire horses to carry your boat 11 km upstream to an unnamed bridge that crosses the Chalquilvin at 870 meters elevation

This class IV•IV+ run has average gradient of 18 mpk or 96 FPM and best run in spring with flows of 250 to 500 CFS

Topo maps are Curacautín • Lolco

Nearby Rivers include Ralco, Queuco. Lower Bio Bio, Laja, and Nuble