Rio Longavi

17 Dec

The Longaví is a short but attractive option for class 3-4 boaters. Located in the 7th region, the Longaví has a nice flow in winter, spring and early summer and is best run before January.

It’s crystal clear waters are born on the southwestern flank of Nevado Longavi (3242 m)


Put in Rio Longavi

To arrive at take out follow the Pan American highway Ruta 5 to town of Parral. Drive southeast 25 km to Termas de Catillo then continue past Digua to San Pablo. Follow the river upstream to the hydrological river gauge which serves as takeout.

To reach put-in continue upstream 6 km to Puente Malcho.

An estimated good flow is 1000 to 2000 CFS

Other nearby rivers include the Ancoa, Achibueno and Nuble.

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  1. A little correction, the best way it’s from highway 5, drive to the east by way to bullileo and reach the take out related above.

    (The route by Catillo is longer than, because you must return to the north around 10 km.)

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