Rio Mañihuales

22 Oct

At low water, the Mañihuales sports several good play spots amidst a few class III–IV rapids that can be partially scouted from the road that parallels the river. Clear, green water courses through a spacious, pastoral valley offering great views of distant peaks. Its wide riverbed indicates a potentially good big water run in the spring.
From Puerto Aisén, drive 19 km east to a turnoff on a gravel road heading northeast. If traveling south on the Carretara Austral, turn west at the Puerto Aisén/Carretara Austral junction. After crossing Puente Duran (and the heinous, sheer-walled gorge of the Río Emperador Guillermo), drive downstream to the take-out located 1 km below Puente Mañihuales # 2. At elevation 65 meters above sea level. To find a convenient put-in, drive upriver about 6 km from the bridge and launch just above a big rock island. At elevation 105 meters.

This class III+•IV- stretch is 7 km in length and drops an average of 6 mpk or 30 FPM with good spring summer flows in excess of 1000 CFS.

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