3 Oct

The lower Trancura is Pucón’s local playground and sports the most popular day raft trip in the country. This section of river is also popular with Kayakers, duckies, shredders and Hidrospeed river boards.

On any given summer day dozens of raft trips will be challenging its class 3 rapids. Year round flows, a paved shuttle road and close proximity to town make for easy logisitics.

To reach the take out follow the main road out of town towards Argentina. Just outside of town turn left on Balsa Quelhue and go 2.7 KM on gravel road to the river. There is public access and parking at the river just before the private egress for the Trancura rafting Company. (note some people prefer to takeout upstream at Pasarela Quelhue. For this takeout continue further on paved road and turn on the gravel road that gives access to airport and follow 2.2 KM to swinging bridge)

To reach the put in take the paved road towards Carburgua. It is 9.2 KM to Puente Metreñehue which crosses over the Trancura. You can park or get dropped here and hike down to the river. I would, however, suggest an alternative put in upstream. Continue ½ KM towards Carburgua and make right hand turn towards Menetue. Continue 1 KM on this gravel road and make first right hand turn just after the Trancura private put-in. Follow this road 500 meters to the river. You will pass a house on the way with lots of ducks and animals. Expect to pay 2 to 3 thousand pesos for private and secure parking with a change house.

The run down the river usually takes 2 hours. Flows at takeout range from 1500 CFS to over 10,000 CFS depending on time of year (river can be run all year long). Rapids are mostly read and run class 2-3. Notable rapids are “El Pescador” which has pushy wave train at entrance leading into a river wide hole at hi flows. Below the Confluence (“ La Junta”) with the Liucura River the flow doubles and the largest rapid of the trip is encountered called La Leona

The Trancura river is the main drainage for the snowpeaks of Parque Nacional Villarica. Given clear weather the three volcanos Quetrupillan, Lanín and Villarica can be seen while descending the river. After running the river there are lots of places in Pucón for good food and cold beer.

For additional action and one step up in difficulty check out the upper Trancura and or the Puesco Section whose descriptions are also found on this website.

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