A Whitewater guide to the rivers of chile

Rio Huepíl

  Meaning rainbow in local language the Huepíl is nailbiting run through an overlooked part of Chile´s 8th region… The river would normally have paltry flows in summer months but due to hydrological rerouting water from both the Rio Molcho and Rio Laja are diverted into the Huepíl to supply the agricultural needs of central […]

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Rio Bullileo

The rivers name is taken from Mapundungun language and means river of scales which sounds strange until you realize that the river is a tributary of the Longaví which in same language means Head of the serpent. This run is via a dam release in Chile´s 7th region so often runs well into summer (until the […]

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Rio Lolco

An isolated tributary of the Upper Bio Bio watershed flowing of the Northside of both Volcan Longquimay and Volcan Tolhuaca. In local Mapadungun language Lolco means Earth Water…. With a flow of around 500 CFS at takeout the Lolco provides an incredibly beautiful run through crystal clear watershed… Old growth Coigüe trees and the occasional […]

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Futaleufu RiverKeeper

Recently, the past October 2014 there has been some good news in regards to stopping the hydro projects for the Futaleufu River in Chile.    Here is a link to the waterkeeper announcement :  In short the hydro projects are now temporarily on hold.  While this is a small victory as Endesa ( the international power company still owns […]

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Rio Blanco Del Sur

The Rio Blanco Del Sur near Curacautin has a fantastic 10 meter drop that has a very long season, can be done as a park ‘n huck, and is day trip distance from Pucon. The falls itself has a nice rolling lip and a big pool afterwards. Some solid teamwork helps a lot with getting […]

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Whitewater Grand Prix

30 of the world´s top paddlers are competeting in chile. For up to date coverage visit Facebook site at Chile whitewater Gand prix

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Rio Pichapinga or Llaima

Known as the Rio Pichapinga in it´s upper section and Rio Llaima in the lowers stretch this is a winter/springtime creek run in Chile´s 9th Region de la Aruacania. The river flows northwest of the flanks of Nevados de Solipulli into the Allipén drainage. Put in bridge Directions: It is a 2.5 hour drive from […]

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Rio Mañio

This river also called the Rio Nalcalhue (and in its lower sections the Zahuil or Huanehue) is only boatable after extremely heavy rains or during winter high water season. The river is born in the Cordillera de Quinchilca whose largest peak (Cerro Colohue) is 1632 meters above sea level. The river flows from East to […]

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Rio Reca

A class 3-4 winter creek run in Chile’s 14th Region de Los Rios..During the winter months when everything else is too high there is a good chance the Rio Reca will be running. The river flows into the North east side of Pangapuilli lake. After getting turned away from another river due to high water […]

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Rio Huichahue

When the winter rains hit Chile there are a ton of rivers to kayak that are dry in the summer months…One of these is the Huichahue Ben May Rio Huichahue Located in the 9th region of the Araucania, the river flows out of the Cordillera Melo just west of the Llaima Volcano. It is a […]

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Rio El Tigre

Located near the Argentinian border in the Patagonian province of Palena in Chile´s 10th Region de los Lagos, The Rio El Tigre serves as a major tributary of the Palena. The run features good road side class 2-3 boating with outstanding fishing and scenery plus a more challenging class 4 stretch accessible only by boat […]

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Rio Noroeste

Short steep tributary creek of the Rio Espolon just outside of the town of Futalueufu. Flowing out of Lago Rosas the river plunges through a short but formidable canyon. Also known locally as Arroyo Loco or “crazy creek” the run is logistically simple. Fields Marshall Rio Noroeste From town of Futaleufu in Chile´s 11th region […]

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Rio Hielo

Crystal clear water in a very impressive canyon.. This class 4 stretch of water lies just over the Argentinian border in province of Chubut and is a tributary of the Corcovado (Upper Palena). Run is usually boat-able throughout the summer. After excessive rain and with high flows the river turns brown and steps up to […]

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Rio Blanco de Calbuco

A low volume gem flowing of southwestern flank of volcan Calbuco (Mapuche word meaning blue water¨) Located in Chile´s 10th Region de Los Lagos and within the confines of La Reserva Nacional Llanquihue and just above Lago Chapo. Clay Wright first descent of Rio Blanco On our first descent January 25th, 2012 Clay Wright and […]

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Rio Llancahue (Lower)

Jared Seiler dropping the “Suavemente” aka “Purty Thirty” at the start of the Lower section. The Rio Llancahue located on the southeastern slope of Volcan Villarica is reached via Conaripe.  It is roughly an hour and a half drive from Pucon. It is easily found by following signs to the famous hot springs “Termas Geometricas”. […]

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Rio Blanco del Enco

Flowing off the Western flank of Volcan El Mocho (2422 meters) in Chile´s 14th Region de Los Lagos is a fun, springtime, steep-creek. The river is fed by crystal clear snowmelt with a short springtime season. The class 3-4 creek is very steep with average gradient of 42 m/km (210 FPM) and requires very little […]

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Rio Polcura

A classic multi-day run in Chiles South Central Andes which has all the good stuff you want in a river trip. The river flows basically south through the Reserva Nacional Ñuble in Chile´s 8th region. Towering snow peaks provide for good snowpack and longer boating season than many nearby rivers. Packing it in For years […]

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Rio Rucue

A fun class 3+ run in Chile´s South Central Andes. Flowing off the North Western Flank of the imposing Sierra Velluda (2448 meters), the Rio Rucue is a mellow springtime creek run. Crystal-clear, cold water and an undisturbed streambed make for a pleasant float thru native forests in Chile´s 8th region. Whitewater on Rio Rucue […]

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Rio Curacalco

A Native Mapuche word perhaps meaning ¨rock magic¨ Cura-rock, Calcu-witchcraft Located in the comuna de Cunco, Region de la Araucania, Chile´s 9th region… A low elevation run flowing off the north western flank of the permanent snowfields of Nevados de Solipulli with adequate water levels in the winter-early spring months from August to mid October […]

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Rio Ñiblinto

The Ñiblinto is a newly found classic flowing of the NorthWest flank of the Chillan Volcano in Chile´s Central Andes. The class 4-5 run features crsytal-clear, cold water and a mature granite streambed. Apart from one misplaced tree all drops were runnable on the Nov 2, 2011 first descent where we estimated a very manageable […]

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