A Whitewater guide to the rivers of chile

Rio Carhuello

This springtime gem is right in the Pucon area. It was first run until the winter of 1994 when locals Robby Dastin, Gigo Castillo and Rick Bravo made the initial exploration. Several days of rain are required make this small catchment runnable. The stretch that is commonly run is 4 km or less in length […]

Rio Llancahue (upper)

Flowing off both the southern flanks of Volcan Villarica (2840 meters) and Volcan Quetrupillan (2360 meters) is the Rio Llancahue. The river is directly south of the town of Pucon on the opposite side of the volcano. Pronounced Yan-Cow-Weh the river derives its name from Mapudungo or the local Mapuche dialect. the meaning is “place […]

Rio Nevado

The Rio Nevado is one of Pucon’s classic steep creek runs. The river cascades off the Picos del Caburgua (1952 meters) and forms one of the upper tributaries of the Liucura. The run is just outside of the border of the beautiful National Park Huerquehue. Once again it was local Robbie Dastin who sleuthed this […]

Rio Plata

This seldom run, low volume steep creek enters Lago Villarica directly opposite Pucon. It only runs in the spring or after an intense prolonged summer storm. On some maps such as 1:50,000 Topo titled Lago Caburgua it is also called Rio Quilque. Nate Elliot in Plata Canyon The run was first pioneered by locals Robbie […]

Rio Desague

The Rio Desag├╝e (sometimes called Rio Carburgua) is another spring run in the Pucon area. In high water years it has water into early January but in low water years it can be gone by December 1st. the river is a tributary of the Liucura and its waters eventually enter Lago Villarica in Pucon. On […]

Rio Turbio

The Rio Turbio is one of the Pucon areas spingtime gems. It is only minutes from town and provides action packed excitement.

Rio Fuy

Learn about the River Fuy in Chile with this Article

Rio Liucura

The Lower Liucura River 20 minutes for the center of Pucon, Chile is the classic class three run with a great playspot ( in lower water months).