Salto del Nilahue

2 Apr

Located south of Pucon in the Lake District. Rio Nilahue flows into Lago Ranco. The river only has one drop a Park n Huck 60 ft sloping waterfall.

The falls changed recently making the drop more runnable. 1st descented by LJ Groth and Trip Jennings before the geological change. Previous drop was a 50+ foot boof in a left channel(notice trickle of water in picture), only runnable at extremely high water, onto a boily shelf falling another 3o+ feet. Now, since the shelf fell out there is a line in the right channel(pictured sloping ramp) which is safer at low water. At higher water an undercut wall at the bottom on river left comes in to play. Falls has been run by putting in directly above in a small eddy on river right, peel out and fall.  Evan-Nilahuemichael-downstream view

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