A Whitewater guide to the rivers of chile

Rio Cato

The Rio Cato is mellow, class 3, low elevation drainage in Chile´s south central Andes located immediately to the south of it´s more famous neighbor the Rio Ñuble. The beautiful valley makes up for the lack of challenging whitewater and boat hiking is the only means to get up the river. To arrive from Chillan […]

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Rio Chillan

The crystal clear water flowing of the Western Flank of the Nevados de Chillan Volcano (3212 Meters above sea level)are perfectly matched with basalt sluiceways, making for fun class 3-4 kayak run. The Rio Chillan is a winter and early spring run in Chile´s 8th Region. We ran the river in late October with around […]

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Rio Ñirementum

The Rio Ñirementum is a journey deep into Chile´s traditional Mapuche culture. The river is within the boundaries of the Cañicu Indigenous clan, one of several in the Queuco valley in the country´s 8th Region. The name means ¨place of foxes¨. Puente Ñirementum This walk in creek is only runnable in winter or early spring […]

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Rio Quillaleo

One of many overlooked tributaries of the Bio Bio in Chile´s 8th Region. The Quillaleo (pronounce Ki-yah-leh-yo) is an upper tributary of the Huequecura, which enters the Bio bio downstream of the Queuco confluence. Rio Quillaleo The Quillaleo has its headwaters in the Cordillera Tricauco with the most outstanding peak being the snowcapped behemoth Cerro […]

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Rio Codihue

A fun creek run flowing off the Cordillera Huerere into the Northwestern corner of Lago Colico in Chile´s 9th Region de la Araucania. The roadside run is low volume with good gradient, and crystal clear water flowing through a still predominantly native forest. Codihue is a local Mapuche (Mapudungun) word meaning ¨place of rocks¨ Class […]

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Rio Claro (Pucon)

The Rio Claro is a small creek in downtown Pucon..It is more of a novelty run for locals in the winter months or when everything else is too high.. Logistics are absolutely simple. The creek flows off the NE flank of Villarrica Volcano and is a source of Pucon´s drinking water. It is 3 KM […]

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Rio Mayer

This is a gem that is well worth to drive south for. About half an hour before you get to Villa O`higgins you will cross the river on your way on the Carretera Austral. Rio Mayer flows lazily under the roadbridge, but just upstream awaits the adventures. When driving towards Villa O´higgins take the first […]

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Rio Mosco

The Rio Mosco flows from the Mosco glaciar just outside of Villa O´higgins, and is a nice little run if you are in town and don´t want to drive anywhere. However, you either have to hike in, or rent horses that will take you half way. There is a trail, on both sides of the […]

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Rio Perez

Following the road from Villa O´higgins to Lago Christie close to the Argentine border, you will have to do a rivercrossing that requires a 4×4. Rio Perez will be on your left, and it is easy to scout from the road. The section is short, and with a messy 20 meter drop easily scouted from […]

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Cancel HidroAysen

On April 11th, HidroAysén submitted the third addenda to the EIA and began the final phase in the environmental review process. Chilean authorities now have 24 working days to decide whether or not to permit this US$7 billion project of five dams on the Baker and Pascua rivers and an over 1,200 mile-long transmission line […]

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Rio Frey

Hundreds of people visit the Futaleufu River in Chile´s XI region every year for its pristine whitewater and unforgettable scenery but few even know of the gem that lies upstream on the other side of the border. Nice rapid on Rio Frey The Rio Frey is the name of the big volume river in Argentina […]

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Rio Corcovado

The headwaters of Chile´s Rio Palena are found in the Chubut region of Argentina where the river is called the Corcovado or the Carrenleufú . Kayaker Eva Luna Ramirez There are three distinct sections to the river. The upper, seldom run class 4-5 stretch requires permission to enter Estancia Tecka 7 KM below Sectional Caridad […]

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Rio Bonito

The Rio Bonito is a new classic in Chilean creek boating. Although short, the river packs a hell of a punch in its 2 km canyon. The river is born at the base of Cerro Puntiagudo (2190 meters) and flows into Lago Rupanco. Typical drop on Rio Bonito The water is crystal clear and the […]

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Rio Pilmaiquen

Big volume, warm water playboating in Southern Chile. Draining Lago Puyehuehue, the river forms the boundary between the 14th Region de los Rios and the 9th Region de los Lagos. Easy logistics and a nearby town make for a fun day of boating. Hike in to Pilmaiquen From Ruta 5 take the Osorno exit and […]

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Rio Coihueco

A class 3 run through a seldom visited part of Southern Chile. Flowing off the snowfields of Cerro Puntiagudo, the Coihueco provides for some spectacular scenery and a nice day of mellow whitewater in the Region de Los Lagos. To reach the river from Ruta 5 take the paved road to Puerto Octay. From here […]

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Rio Blanco de Coihueco

A small class 3 creek with its headwaters in Parque Nacional Vicente Perez Rosales in Chile´s 10th Region de Los Lagos. Flowing north off the snow capped peak of Osorno (2652 meters), this small volume creek offers an interesting option while in the Lago Llanquihue area. Put in Rio Blanco de Coihueco To reach the […]

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Rio Iculpe

A new classic flowing off the northern flanks of the Puyehue Volcano (2240 meters) in Chile’s Region de Los Rios. The river feeds into southern shore of Lago Ranco. Fields Marshall below first drop This small volume creek has easy access and requires little water to make it runnable. The volcanic riverbed provides for multiple […]

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Rio Hueinahue

The Hueinahue makes a bold statement 7.5 KM before it enters Lago Mahuie. Here the river tumbles over a spectacular bedrock falls before joining the Rio Remahue and flowing into the lake. The Rio Remahue (which contains about two thirds of the combined flow) makes an even bolder statement plunging over 200 meters just above […]

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Rio Pangue

Most people think of the Bio Bio River drainage and envision the three large dams choking a once magnificent river. While true, smaller volume, free-flowing, whitewater opportunities are still abundant in the Bio Bio watershed. Once such gem is the Rio Pangue which has remarkably easy logistics. This creek run flows of the Southern flank […]

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Rio Las Truchas

The Rio Las Truchas is one of the few multi-day river trips in Chile and features both outstanding whitewater and spectacular scenery. It is an upper tributary of the  Ñuble River (see separate description) and needs to be run with spring and early summer snow melt so best from late September to mid/late November with […]

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